Save the Sale Project

A & F sold out experience design

It's not a nice experience to see items get sold out in your shopping bag while you are doing online shopping, so I designed this new experience to respond to customers' disappontment and to encourage more conversions.

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Auto Remove Sold Out Items

Auto remove sold out items will save the customer time and effort, so they can focus more on the available items. We learned from research that the most common scenario is one sold out item in the shopping bag. So in our design, if there are two or more sold out items, the sold out item section will roll up, and leave more space for other available items. If the customer wants to see what is sold out, they can click on that section.

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Edit Sold Out Item

When you click on the sold out item's picture, you can go to the item page as the left screen shows.
Or, you can click on the update button to change to another size or color faster as the right screen shows.

Find Similar Items

If the item is completely sold out, and there is no other size or color available, you can click on the shop button. We'll provide you with a collection of similar items that we think you'll like.

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User Research & Info Visualization

Our goal is to SAVE THE SALE when things get sold out. To understand when & how the sale should be saved, I worked with our user research team and project managers to get a better understanding of the problem.

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What are our customers seeing?

We mapped out all the sold out scenarios in a bubble chart. The bigger the bubble is, the more visits this scenario has. We can tell that 1 item sold out is the most common scenario. The most common number of items in bag when they see something is sold out is 3.

What will the customer do after they saw that somsething is sold out?

From this Sankey diagram, we can tell that a large percentage of the customers want to shop more after they encounter a sold out item in their shopping bag. Our design should encourage them to check out or help them to shop more to find what they want.

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